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Why Soft Washing Is Best For Your Siding

Why Soft Washing is Best For Your Siding

Over time, mildew, bacteria, and other organic stains can accumulate on the siding of your house. Not only do these stains affect your home’s curb appeal, but exterior mold can damage your home and carry some health risks. Although many homeowners choose to clean the exterior by pressure washing, this harsh method of cleaning can do more harm than good. The better option is soft washing.

Residential Power Washing

The Dangers of Pressure Washing Your Siding

A high-pressure washer can shoot water up under the siding, potentially getting water in the walls, insulation, wiring, flooring, and more. Since your house is full of gaps and cracks, high-pressure water often finds its way in. Once the water gets in the wall, it will have a difficult time evaporating, which can lead to mold and other issues inside your home.

If you have wood siding, the high-pressure water can actually dig holes in the wood and damage the surface. On older homes that are painted with lead paint, pressure washing can cause small and large paint chips to be blasted all over the yard and get mixed into the soil. Removing lead paint is a serious job and should be left to professionals who can use the appropriate methods.

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What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a technique that involves spraying a chemical solution directly on the affected area, without pressure. The chemical does all of the killing and cleaning of the microbe. The chemical will clean all the areas it comes in contact with, so it can be sprayed all over the siding to achieve lasting results. Soft washing solutions creep into every crevice and can last four to six times longer than pressure washing.

The spraying system for soft washing has everything to do with the delivery of the chemicals that treat the surface, and nothing to do with the cleaning of the surface itself. The chemicals do the work for you. When using this method, you can choose biodegradable chemicals to be more environmentally responsible. And, because of its long-lasting clean, soft washing will require less maintenance, resulting in less water waste.

Choose soft washing the next time your siding needs to be cleaned so you can protect your home and make a positive impact on the environment.