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Water Damage Caused By Clogged Gutters

5 Types of Water Damage Caused By Clogged Gutters

As you begin to tackle your spring cleaning chores, be sure to add gutter cleaning to your outdoor list. Cleaning your gutters in the spring and fall is an excellent way to stay ahead of potential problems that may arise if they are clogged. From roof leaks to foundation damage, clogged gutters can cause extensive and expensive problems.

Roof Leaks

If water backs up in your gutters, the edging of the roof surface and the wood sheeting beneath it can be damaged, causing it to rot. You may begin to notice a leak or stain on your ceiling if water has gotten in. If this happens, you will need to replace the damaged shingles or eventually, the whole roof. Once water leaks into the house, mold can begin to develop within 24-48 hours, which can cause another host of problems, including health issues.

Damage to Siding

Water that spills over the gutters will seep down into the siding, window frames, and anything else that is below it, causing the wood to rot and weaken. Over time, parts of your siding and wood framing may need to be replaced. If the water gets into the walls of your home, you’re also going to be dealing with mold issues.

Gutter Damage

When the gutter is overflowing with debris and water, it can get very heavy. If this happens, the gutter may begin to detach from the side of your home, creating gaps in the system. Sometimes gutters completely detach and fall, potentially causing more damage or injuring someone below.


Excess water falling on plants, shrubs, and flowers can cause physical damage to your landscape. A concentrated heavy flow may kill the plant life below it. Not only are plants and shrubs aesthetically pleasing, replacing them is costly.

Foundation Damage

Clogged gutters may cause overflowing water to saturate the ground beneath it. Pools of water can form and penetrate cracks and pores in the concrete and deteriorate the foundation. If this is prolonged and extensive, structural damage may occur, causing the house to shift under its weight.


Gutters collect leaves, dirt, and debris throughout the year and require periodic cleaning. While this task may seem like a nuisance, the alternative to water damage, is worse. As part of your home maintenance, schedule gutter cleaning at least twice a year.