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Downspout and Gutter Drainage Decor For Your Garden

If you’re looking to create more curb appeal and improve the look of your home, you can add decor to your downspout and gutter drainage in your garden. Downspouts guide the rainwater from the gutter to the ground and they can easily be included as part of your aesthetic landscaping. Consider one or more of these options if you are thinking about creating a fresh look.

Rain Water Barrel

A rain barrel is a great way to capture the rainwater and use it for the lawn, garden, and house plants.  An ordinary barrel will do the job, but you can get creative and make the barrel part of your decor instead. By adding some simple fence pickets and rope to a plastic barrel, you can create a stylish cover that will add value to your garden. This simple weekend project will provide years of use.

Dry Creekbed

Create a channel with retaining wall blocks to use as the border. Use a set of plain concrete stones as the base and cover it with decorative pebbles. Be sure to grade it so the water will flow away from the house. Add a few terracotta pots with plants near the border to soften the look.

Vertical Garden

Invest in a vertical planted frame to harvest rainwater and increase green space. The system can be connected directly to your gutter for a harvesting system that is attractive and easy to use. Your neighbors are sure to be envious of this idea!

Splash Blocks for Downspout

Some simple cascading dishes will provide a unique and attractive replacement to conventional eaves at the bottom of downspouts. When placed under the downspout at varying levels, it will create a beautiful fountain, offering the gentle sounds of a waterfall when it rains. The dishes will also direct and distribute water away from your foundation.

Decorative Rain Chain

Rain chains are a beautiful and functional alternative to downspouts. They are a decorative water feature that transports rainwater from the gutter to the ground. They are usually a series of metal cups chained together with a hole in the bottom of each, or chain links that are set up vertically. Rain chains are a pleasing water feature that can add a nice touch to your garden.

Stacked Rocks

Stack a variety of large rocks in layers beneath your downspout to distribute the rainwater in your garden. This solution is functional and decorative. The best part is you can probably use some rocks you already have in your yard. Home improvements stores will also have plenty of options on hand.