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The Best and Worst Types of Gutter Guards

If you’ve been contemplating getting gutter guards as a solution to your gutter problems, you should know that there are different options available. The best gutter guards don’t completely cover the gutter but rest inside the gutter to block leaves and animals. The worst gutter guards block the gutter and seal it in, making it difficult to clean and possibly trapping in small animals. Here’s a comparison of some of the best and worst types of gutter guards on the market today.


GutterRoo is Outback GutterVac’s superior solution to gutter guards. GutterRoo is a simple twisted wire brush system, similar to a heavy duty bottle brush, that blocks access to the gutter space. The bristles prevent leaves and debris from collecting in the gutter while allowing water to still flow freely to your downpipes. The GutterRoo system can be quickly and easily removed for thorough gutter cleanings throughout the year.

Another solution that is quick and easy to install is Gutter Foam. The foam insert fits any 5-inch K-style gutter and won’t disturb or interfere with your roofing. It blocks pine needles, leaves, and other debris from collecting in your gutter, and is invisible from the ground level. No special tools, other than a cutting instrument, are required to install.

Gutter Cups are an excellent DIY option for gutter protection. Made of black polymer, Gutter Cups fit all standard residential gutters and allow free flow of rainwater, even when completely covered. Gutter Cups stop leaves, pine needles, and other debris from clogging gutters.


Not only are they very costly, Gutter Covers often fail to do the intended job. Many options are not made well and can actually collapse with the weight of debris on top. For homes with inside corners, increased debris and water flow in this area are a problem. Unless you are shopping the top of the line products in this category, gutter covers are not your best option.

Gutter Mesh protection is a flat screen that is installed under the shingles so that debris can slide down and remain on top of the cover, not underneath it. The problem with mesh is the screens can clog with decayed leaves and pine straw and buildup on the outside, forcing water to run down the sides of your house. Also, these covers don’t provide substantial protection against rodent entry compared to the options in the Best category.

Like any other gutter guards that block the gutter and seal it in, Solid Gutter Covers cannot easily be cleaned. Solid covers can get weighed down by debris and collapse, especially if you do not invest in a high-quality product. Permanent gutters also provide a food-rich environment for pests and vermin to breed.